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Introducing Peter Ho and Colin Burr
Founders of Learn Accounting fast.com
Peter Ho CPA and Colin Burr Entrepreneur.

Peter and I met in 1994 at a Business school for entrepreneurs  run by Robert Kiyosaki in Hawaii.
We learned all sorts of skills from planning to sales and marketing including some of the great teaching of R.W Buckminster Fuller. 

Amazed by the essence and the depth of the teaching we began designing our own course.
Accounting is EZY" which we took to the market place in New Zealand and SE Asia delivering this 2 day course covering Bookkeeping, Reporting, Analysis, and Planning. 

We used accelerated learning methodology to deliver the course, Using meditation songs music and coloured charts to enhance the memorability of the course we were at the cutting edge with no one delivering this information in such a simple and fun way.

The feedback we got was amazing, as Accounting is usually so boring and we made it fun full of coloured charts to make the understanding memorable and the practical aspects really bought the lessons home. 

With awesome testimonials the word quickly spread throughout SE Asia with some of the largest companies taking us around the world to deliver this amazing course. Companies such as Mobil,Shell,IBM,Proton, and many hospitals throughout the region.

In 2010 I began to design the course for delivery on the internet as we had now travelled the world together for many years.
So "Go beyond the Numbers" was created. To bring the understanding to many for a small price in still a fun and easy way to understand.

I have made many courses and videos with over 400,000 views on Youtube we have a stable following of over 5000 subscribers who watch every video we put up.

We currently offer our courses online and in house should you have a team of people who need to understand the financial reports of your company to support the management team in reaching their goals.

I trust this gives you a little bit of an insight to who we are and why we do this. We have found after 25 years of sharing this knowledge the amount of ignorance around financial literacy at all levels has been astounding, if we can help to eliminate that for a few then we have done the world a service.

We welcome any comments or feed back from our Face Book page https://www.facebook.com/LearnAccountingFast/

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Colin Burr
CEO of LearnAccountingFast.com

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